Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 18 - Semanta Santa & Servicio

Buenos Dias!

This was an awesome week here in El Milagro. This week was the
Semana Santa (Holy Week) here in Peru and I guess around the world. It
is the week and events leading up to Easter where there are a few
unique traditions such as not eating any meat other than fish... not
many follow this custom but most at least try. All week everyone was
talking about the Semana Santa and in just about every house we
entered that had a television there was some form of the Passion of
The Christ marathon. For how much everyone talked about Easter and the
Holy Week I was super excited for Sunday to see all the festivities
and talk to everyone about the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.
When Easter actually came it was a bit different. I really would not
have known it was Easter if I had not marked it on my calendar because
everything was so normal. It was the weirdest thing.  No one was out in
masses celebrating Easter in our area, at church it was mentioned, but even
stranger was I thought that if nobody was out in their churches they would be at home with family celebrations and this was not the case.  No sight of the Easter bunny and no candy eggs in our area... how strange, right?  Perhaps these are US traditions.

All the events on Sunday seemed a little disappointing because of how important
this day is to commemorate and remember the life and resurrection of
Jesus Christ, but we still used this opportunity to share with
everyone we contacted yesterday the important message that our savior
taught us that thanks to his example we too can be forgiven of all
our faults, we can find peace in this life in whatever situation, and
we one day will be resurrected and can live with our families in a
state of eternal happiness. Thanks to him we have these wonderful
opportunities. He is awesome to say the least.

Along with it being the Semana Santa, this week we had the chance
to do a super crazy service project. Wednesday from about 9am to 7pm
with a group of about 12 Elders we worked clearing out mud of a house
that was really badly affected by the Huaicos 3 weeks ago. There was
about 2-3 feet of mud in every room that was still soaking wet...
soaking wet with a putrid stench after 3 weeks still... it was
disgusting and sooooooo much fun. We had our masks and big rubber
boots, and with nothing but shovels and wheel barrels we went to work.
The floods had passed basically right through this house; there were
watermarks at about chest level. It was crazy. It was so rewarding
though knowing that at the end of the day we had helped restore this
family's life to an almost normal state. There was still a lot of
water damage, but with all the mud cleared out they can finally start
to rebuild again. I think we helped the family feel a little of Christ's love
because it was something that helps us remember his ultimate sacrifice of love for us.

Well all in all this was another fantastic dusty week here in El
Milagro with Elder Bedregal. This week we have been baking his special
cookies just about every night and we have started to experiment with
banana bread as well. Hahahahaha. Until next time.

Elder Vassau

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  1. Thanks for the letter it was soooooooo much fun and crazy and fun.wattie and bubba