Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 41 - Training A New Missionary, Visitor from the USA, Goodbye's and More

Buenos Dias!

Another awesome week here in El Milagro. This was the last week of my companion Elder Alcarraz and my best friend Elder Maddocks. Both are heading home today, finishing up their 2-year long missions. It has been a great time with Elder Alcarraz this transfer, and Elder Maddocks and I have been together here in Milagro for almost 7 months together. He is truly a lifelong best friend who I am going to miss dearly. 

This week I had a great visitor to my area that worked with me for the day.  Michael Hall came from Lima (via Savannah, Georgia in the USA).  It was awesome Mikey came up to visit me. He came in on a night bus from his study abroad in Lima. We spent the morning proselyting together, then we enjoyed a nice seafood lunch that our pension prepared especially for him, followed by hiking a nearby "hill" (at the top of this hill it was a completely different world), and we finished the day by him accompanying us to visit more investigators and get to see Milagro with us. It was awesome to be able to catch up with my best bud since birth. I have really missed the guy since he moved away to savannah. He is doing great and is doing a study abroad in Lima. We already have plans to explore all of Peru when I finish up the mission. 

Well this week because of a few frustrating setbacks we have had to postpone a couple of baptisms for these coming weeks because of renovations in our church building here in Milagro and various other reasons. 

The good thing though is that hopefully I will be able to see these coming baptisms with my new companion. This transfer President Marble has given me the privilege of training a brand new missionary coming straight from the missionary training center. Although I have no idea who it is yet, I am super excited to help a new missionary learn the ropes. Here our district of Milagro both Elder Torres and I are going to be training... for the first time in my mission I am now the old guy. Milagro has always been full of missionaries finishing their missions but as of tomorrow I will be the most senior missionary in the district with just 10 months. How crazy how things change. 

Well yesterday we had an awesome experience teaching a family and committing the entire family to a baptismal goal. Elder Alcarraz and I, in his very last lesson in the mission, we taught about the plan that God has for all of his children. It is a plan that we can all live eternally as a family. It is the privilege and opportunity to be happy forever. I mean who would not want to be happy forever. That is exactly what our Heavenly Father wants for us, just sometimes we forget about that and stray from the path that will lead us to this goal. As missionaries it is our privilege to help people and families remember about this divine and awesome plan that our Father in Heaven has for us so that we can follow it and enjoy the blessings our Father wants to give us. It appears that after 7 years, the father of this family, Leonardo, is finally starting to understand this plan. 7 years ago his oldest daughter began to learn about our Heavenly Fathers plan. 5 years ago this daughter Jennifer, against her dad's will, got baptized as a step to follow this plan of happiness, and now after years of our Heavenly Father softening Leonardo's heart it seems that he is finally beginning to understand this plan and is going to let his family get baptized. With a little luck and a lot of prayer he too will take the decision to follow this plan of happiness as well. 
This has been an awesome week here in El Milagro and I am sure this coming week is going to be amazing with my new trainee. SOOOOO Pumped! 

Hasta Luego!

Elder Jack Vassau

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 40 - Gian Carlos - A Boy that keeps his word

Buenos Dias,

This has been another awesome week here in El Milagro. In about a weeks time this ward is going to be way different. First thing is that my companion Elder Alcarraz and my best bud and fellow missionary of milagro Elder Maddocks are both finishing their missions. Along with two of the four missionaries here in Milagro heading home, the mission is opening a new area here in El Milagro. There will now be 6 missionaries here. It is going to be awesome. To add to the craziness and changes, this week they are going to begin the remodel of the church here in El Milagro so we will have to attend in another chapel about 15 minutes away. Craziness... sort of... hahahahaha. 

This week we have been working a lot with our best bud Gian Carlos. He is 14 years old and really wants to get baptized. He is awesome and, being our neighbor, always swings by our room. One thing we love about Gian Carlos is that he makes a big effort to be a man of his word, which as missionaries when so many investigators promise things they do not complete, is a really big deal. He has made me think a lot about this idea of being honest, not just completing our promises and telling the truth always with others but also with ourselves. Our savior Jesus Christ suffered, died, and atoned for our sins so that we can receive forgiveness from all of our faults. However to accept our Savior's atoning sacrifice we need to recognize when we have made a mistake and be honest with ourselves, so that we can call upon his help to act and change ourselves to follow him. If we are always honest with ourselves and with our Heavenly Father we will be constantly in the path to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Well some more craziness here in Milagro. Hopefully this week we will be able to see the baptisms of possibly three investigators: Julian, Gian Carlos, and Sarita. Keep these three in your prayers so that they might make this important decision this coming week. Also please keep our mission President, President Marble in your prayers, as he is currently in the United States undergoing a medical treatment.  Along with all of this, on a slightly less spiritual note,  keep the Peruvian national soccer team in your prayers because they have the chance to qualify for the world cup for the first time in 30 something years this Thursday (every house we enter everyone is talking about it).
The mission keeps on being awesome. 


Elder Jack Vassau

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 39 - Goodbye to 2 great missionaries Elders Maddocks & Alcarraz and we found David!!!

Buenas Noches (sorry this is late at night),

This was another good week here in El Milagro. This week an event that really stood out to me was when we went to go revisit for the second time an investigator's house we had taught the week before. Last week while contacting we contacted and had a brief lesson with a man named David while he was outside washing his car. The lesson was very normal to say the least. Nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary. He seemed semi interested in what we had to say. When we finished the lesson he just told us to come by his house "one of these days at night". It really did not seem like a very excited invitation but we decided to go looking for him anyway. We knocked on the door of his house and an older man opened the door just a crack and began with the skeptical interrogating questions. We quickly introduced ourselves as the missionaries. I do not think we had finished saying the word misioneros when franticly a lady came running from the back room yelling "open the door". Turns out this was David's mother and father. We then had a nice conversation with David's mother about the fact that he had told her he chatted with the missionaries one day. What had seemed like a very normal not so out of the ordinary lesson had really impacted David, who turns out is a recovering alcoholic. Although he might not have expressed much excitement to us, he did go home and comment to his mom about how excited he was to talk to us about God and have us visit him someday. It was something so simple but it really helped me to realize that all the little things we do can have impacts in people that we do not always immediately realize. 

Well this is week 5 of the transfers which means my companion Elder Alcarraz and my best bud Elder Maddocks who has been with me here in Milagro over the past 6 months will be finishing their missions in 2 weeks. It is safe to say the both of them are trunky hahahahahahahaaha. This is missionary slang to mean that they are thinking a little bit too much about home. It is going to be real sad to see both of these guys head home. 

Well this past Monday we got to enjoy a nice 5pm lunch at a beach front restaurant here at Trujillo's famous Huanchaco. After a quick late lunch we went out the Huanchaco's famous pier and tested our luck fishing. Although we had no real success it was still a good time. Maybe we should really stick to as Jesus said being "fishers of men" and stick to teaching people about God and Jesus Christ. 
Well some more great times here in El Milagro and this week we will hopefully be seeing the baptism of our good friend Gian Carlos and possibly the single mom Sarita Malaver.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 38 - Sarita, Faith, and Cuiy (Guinea Pigs)

Buenos Dias!!!!

This has been another awesome week here in El Milagro. This week we have been continuing to working a lot with our investigator Sarita Malaver. She is super cool, and this past monday we had an awesome family home evening in her house. We invited all of the young adults from the ward here in El Milagro and with a group of about 12 people we watched a short movie about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was rad. To make it even better after the video we had a little testimony meeting where everyone had the opportunity to share their testimony about the restoration and about Jesus Christ. Just about everyone shared their testimony, even all of the young adults who nearly never come to church. On top of that, at the very end, Sarita shared her testimony about Jesus Christ and how she found the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the misisonaries at exactly the right time in her life when she needed his help the most. It is trully awesome to see some grow their testimony. It just goes to show that everyone has a testimony of something. Your testimony is what you believe and know to be true. Although many might not have the best relationship with their Heavenly Father, everyone atleast knows, feels, or believes in something, and what we need to do is hold onto that something until it begins to grow into something more. In the Book of Mormon there is an awesome scripture in Alma that talks about this very idea. In Alma 32 it says, "27 But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words."All we have to do is act upon what we believe or atleast the desire we have to believe and whatever testimony that one has, whether it be big or small, will grow into something awesome.  

In other news this week on friday my companion and I decided to try and be a little adventurous and decided to see if we could run from Milagro all the way to the beach. Supposedly my companion had walked it before in a couple of hours so we thought if we got up early we would be able to run it in no time. Well we left our room before the sun came up and we ran for about an hour and a half over sand dunes and through chicken coups until arriving to the beach. it was awesome. I think the first time I have been to the ocean in a while. Well this same day in the afternoon we had a surprise service and ended up helping our Frank's family and Gian's family, both of who are young men who in Frank's case is a recent convert and in Gian's case is preparing for baptism. We helped both families carry bricks from the street to the second and thirds stories of their respective houses. In total we ended up, between Elder Alcarraz and I, moving well over 2000 bricks in just a couple of hours. It was super fun, but to say the least we were a little dead that day afterwards. It was all worth it though to help out these families, and we even got to enjoy a nice bbq with Frank's family on sunday. 
This past saturday I also had the privilege of eating cuiy (aka guinea pig) for my first time since arriving here in Peru. It is a super famous and common food from the mountains here in Peru and it was actually really good. 

Well Milagro is still awesome and we are seeing lots of milagros here in Milagro. 

Elder Vassau

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 37 - Sarita & Eternal Families

Buenos Dias!

This has been another great week here in El Milagro. This week we have been teaching a single mom name Sarita. She is 22 and super cool. This week we taught her about the plan of salvation and how she can be together with her daughter for eternity. It is an amazing blessing that our Heavenly Father has given us, and knowing that the relationships we have hear on this earth have no end it makes us want to treat those we know and those in our family just a little bit better .

Last night in the bishop's house we had an awesome missionary night where we invited a bunch of people, played some games, and taught a super cool message about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. We were a little worried at first because at the hour nobody was there, but I think we had forgotten that everyone here runs on peruvian time so they all showed up fashionable an hour late as usual. It was super cool we played some games where everyone had to draw what "God" was drawing while listening to the Holy Ghost and we did a little demonstration about the baptism of water and fire to be forgiven of our sins. We literally lit a piece of paper on fire to clean a little stick figure of all of his sins. It was super fun. To make it even better my best bud Roy, a young 7 year old in a wheel chair that I met a couple of weeks ago, was able to come. The activity was a blast and Roy enjoyed it almost as much as the wheel chair races we do with him. 

In other news today we went to the Huaca del Sol and luna. It was awesome. It is an old native temple from the moche civilization that lived here in Peru. We read and saw tons of cool artifacts and murals about all of the ceremonies and ritual sacrificies and such. Pretty sweet stuff. Makes me a little glad that in these days we have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we are not lost in the confusion of trying to figure out how to follow God. Although Jesus did suffer and die so that we could be forgiven of everything and one day return to our Heavenly Father's presence; ritual battles, sacrificing the loser, decapitating him, drinking his blood, then chopping him up into little pieces to feed to the condors is not something that our Heavenly Father has us missionaries teaching now adays as this Moche civilization did. Hahahahahaha. 

Well all is well here in El Milagro with Elder Alcarraz. Until Next week. 

Elder Vassau

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 36 - More Diana, Mariachi's, Spiders and Our Old Friend

Buenos Dias!

This was another awesome week here in el Milagro with Elder Alcarraz. This week we have been continuing the drama with Diana Loyaga. After being locked in her house for two days she was feeling like the whole world was against her. Her family thinks she is crazy and her boyfriend of 6 years left her. Well with nearly all those that she knows beginning to pile up against her Diana decided to backtrack a little bit. She knew that if she sacrificed her happiness and postpones her desire to be baptized that everyone around her will be a little calmer and a little happier. She cares more that everyone else is content and is willing to sacrifice herself for it. Well she got back together with her abusive boyfriend who convinced her to go visit with three different pastors this week. These pastors amongst other things have been attempting to convince her that her answers that she has received all come from the devil 👿 and that she is surrounding by demons that have been playing with her weak spiritual mind (I think they might be talking about us...😈👹👺💀👻). Well despite the extreme opposition and no longer being welcomed in her home we have been teaching her all week in a member's house. Although she has backtracked she knows she cannot deny her testimony that these things are true. We decided that it would be a good idea to teach her more about the Holy Ghost, so we explained the nature of the Godhead and also what the fruits of the spirit are. She knows that the things she felt and the answers she received come from God and although she has gone backwards a little bit so that those around her are happy, she still knows that these things are true. She cannot deny her testimony nor the answers from the Holy Ghost. She refuses to turn in her pamphlets nor her Book of Mormon to her pastors, and she even surprised us by sneaking out of her house and coming to church. It was awesome. Hopefully she will begin putting her own happiness in front of the happiness of her those around her so that she will make the difficult decision to leave him and her family and get baptized. Although she knows that her getting baptized will cause a lot of problems in her family I think deep down she knows this is not only the decision that will help her but also will help her family gain eternal happiness in the long run. She just needs to make this decisions looking up to her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and not looking at everyone around her who want to pull her back and cut her wings. Keep on praying for Diana because she is going to overcome these obstacles soon. 😁

Well on another note, this past Saturday was our lovely pensionista Lila's birthday. She has always talked about her childhood dream to have a personal mariachi band for her birthday, so we put some things together, pulled some strings, and set up a surprise party complete with a mariachi band. To make it even better (or worse depending on how you look at it) purposefully no one said happy birthday to her until her surprise party, other than her family of course. She had thought everyone had forgotten about it and was down in the dumps. When we jumped out and surprised her and the mariachi began singing to her she literally could not hold back the tears and was crying in joy for almost 30-45 minutes straight. It was awesome. 

Well Milagro keeps on being awesome and I know we are going to be seeing lots of miracles this transfer.

Elder Vassau

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 35 - Lifelong Friendships, Elder Nunez back to Argentina & Diana Loyaga

Buenos Dias!

This has been a crazy and awesome week here in El Milagro. This week we almost had the baptism of Diana Loyaga. She is an awesome investigator who I have told quite a few stories about. Well this was the week of her baptismal date, and she was more than ready but she still had to overcome the challenge of her mentally abusive boyfriend and her family not wanting her to get baptized. She is 24 and so legally the family is not a major problem and we believed that if she could get past the problems of leaving her old church behind and working everything out with her boyfriend that everything would be alright. Well... it almost worked out perfectly. She has received so many answers that the church is true that she knows everything is true and she wants to be baptized, the problem is that she has been dating a mentally abusive controlling boyfriend for 6 years who through constant insults has reached the point where she cannot make a decision without his approval, and he does not approve of her getting baptized in another church. Despite her being incredibly unhappy and being absolutely controlled by him she has grown to just accept that this is what she deserves and so they had plans to get married. In very soft terms he told her that if she gets baptized they are done for and he would rather marry a bunch of other horrible things before marrying her. So this is what we had to work with. Thursday Diana had a lesson which finished with her deciding to accept the baptismal interview which she passed with flying colors, but then Friday she got a little discouraged for some of the things her boyfriend was saying to her. All throughout the day Friday we spent on the phone with her trying to help her find the strength to stand up to her boyfriend and most of the morning Saturday we were doing the same. Although as missionaries we are not really responsible to be metling in her relationships we are here to help her to come unto Christ, and by us helping her gain the courage to come unto Christ she knew taking care of the other part is a necessary step. It seemed like it was almost futile until our pensionista decided to have a girl to girl talk explaining how she deserves better and how she should put God ahead of an abuse boyfriend. Well despite lots of tears Diana called her boyfriend and said she was getting baptized no matter what. He broke up with her over the phone following by immediately insulting her and deleting her from every social media he has, but she was still determined to get baptized as soon as possible. We quickly rushed to get everything at the chapel ready while she got changed and then we were just waiting. Although the baptism was spontaneous members began to show up and we were just waiting and waiting. We called her and she said she was waiting for her sisters, so we decided to wait some more. We continued to wait and she still did not arrive so we went to go call her and in that exact moment we got a call from an unknown number. We quickly answered it, and it was her mom and she was not too happy with us. She told us we are liars and that she regrets ever opening her doors to us. Believe it or not, just days before she had invited us over and we enjoyed a lovely lunch with the whole family. Apparently Diana's parents got home and went ballistic and freaked out. They thought she was going crazy for getting baptized too fast and for breaking up with her longtime boyfriend who has a wedding, house, and car waiting for her. It seems they were not too worried about her actual happiness though. Although she is an adult, they decided to lock her in the house so she physically could not leave. Although she had her phone and called to talk to us and has all the intention in the world to get baptized, she physically cannot leave her house to get baptized. This is the situation we are now in. She overcame one obstacle and another presents itself, but as Elder Uceda taught us, we should expect opposition, and this I hope will only help her grow her testimony. Although she did not get baptized I am still so incredibly happy to see the change that has started in her, to see her breaking out of her shell to start making decisions for her own happiness. Hopefully she will get baptized one of these days this week.

This week in my personal studies I read Alma 32:27 ''But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words. ''. Diana has experimented upon his words and is now trying to exercise her faith and act. Although she has received tons of opposition from every which way she is now taking the necessary steps to follow Christ and the things that she knows will make her happy. Recently in a conference address Elder Uceda, a general authority and church leader from Peru, taught us that we should always expect opposition especially when they stakes are at their highest. Right now the stakes are at their highest for Diana so please pray for her so that he family will calm down a little bit and that those around her will allow her to be happy.

This week was Elder Nuñez' last week here in the mission and by Tuesday afternoon Elder Nuñez will be landing in Buenos Aires, finishing his two yearlong mission. I have absolutely loved my time here with Elder Nuñez' and I have not only learned so much from him about how to be a missionary and disciple of Christ, but I have also gained a lifelong best friend. Today I met up with my new companion Elder Alcarraz from Apurimac, Peru, who also is going to be finishing his mission after this transfer. Looks like I might be here in El Milagro for a little time more. Great things are going to happy these next few weeks and keep Milagro in your prayers so we can continue to see some miracles.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 35 - Gloria's Passing, The Plan, & a couple Birthdays

Buenos Dias!

This has been an awesome week here in El Milagro. This past week has been full of celebrations and birthdays. Last Tuesday we went to the Temple as a mission and it was just absolutely awesome. To make it even better it was Elder Maddock's birthday so we went to the mall afterwards to enjoy a nice Chili's lunch and at night our pensionista even bought a cake so we could sing to him. Well this was the start of the week. On Thursday we had a multi zone conference with area authority Elder Montoya of Mexico. Originally our training was just supposed to be our zone and one other but because of a few delays... it ended up being a mission wide conference. Well all the mission minus the zone that is way in the mountains of Cajamarca. It was awesome getting to see a lot of friends and former companions for the first time in months, and getting to listen to a general authority is always really really awesome as well.

After the conference Elder Nuñez and I had a fun family home evening with Hermana Gloria Rodriguez' kids Medalit, Tracy, and Mack. Missionaries have spent a lot of time in this house, and personally I have grown really fond of the family, that is why it has been really hard recently. Gloria has been sick for almost 4 years and recently she has gotten a lot worse. To make things even better her husband also has some medical problems and has had to spend weeks in hospital service as well. Last week Gloria entered the hospital service and the doctors basically after a long fight declared that there really was not much hope. The spirits of everyone in the family were about as low as you could see and because their dad and aunt had to always be in the hospital with their mom these 3 kids were basically left all alone. For this reason we decided to head over Thursday night and make little 9 year old Mack's dreams of making pizza come true. Elder Nuñez put his master pizza chef skills to action and with the family we made a couple of pizzas. It was really a great experience being able to lift their spirits just a little bit last Thursday, especially because late Friday night, the very next day Gloria Rodriguez passed away. Although death is always a sad moment because we know how much we are going to miss that person, we can always find peace of mind to know that thanks to our Heavenly Father's plan for us we will be able to see our loved ones again and we will be able to live with them for eternity. I think the idea really brought a peace of mind to Gloria's family, especially her husband Jorge. In all my time teaching and visiting Jorge he was always a little hard, a little cynical and pessimistic, and always with doubts. He is a very nice guy but he always had his doubts, but we went to go visit the family during Gloria's service I talked to a man that was at peace knowing the his wife was not going to suffer anymore and that she was now waiting for him in a better place. I had never seen him so calm and so in tune with the spirit and I am glad that they are able to feel their savior's love in these tough moments.  Although I am sure the family is sad, I also know that in these moments they are finding some peace in God's plan... and a little bit of homemade pizza helps a little bit as well. 

On a slightly more upbeat note this Friday was my 21st birthday. It was a normal day of proselyting but our investigator Diana Loyaga had a little party for me when we showed up to teach them, complete with custom made cupcakes of/for Elder Nuñez and I and the chance to watch a wonderful missionary approved church movie and lesson with her family. Also our Pensionista hna Lila bought me a beautiful cake and had a little surprise party waiting for me when we arrived for dinner. I also got to participate in the Peruvian tradition of sticking your face in the cake... lots of fun.  Not too many better ways to pass your birthday then with some good friends, cake, and missionary work. 
On top of all of this, Elder Nuñez and I both gave talks in church this Sunday about missionary service. During Elder Nuñez' talk we had the wonderful surprise of Hna. Diana, her sister Ruth, and her son Harol all showing up to church for the first time. It was just awesome. 
Well despite a few sad moments with the passing of our friend Gloria, this was an awesome week here in El Milagro and I can see some great miracles coming up soon. 

Elder Vassau

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Week 34 - Miracles happen in El Milagro!

Buenos Dias!

This was another amazing week here in El Milagro. This week we have had some pretty amazing experiences with an investigator named Diana Loyaga. She is 24 years old and is a very active member of an evangelical church in Trujillo where she is the equivalent of a primary teacher and was baptized about a year ago. Her boyfriend is a strong member of her church and she is quite comfortable where she is right now. Well although she is comfortable where she is right now, one day when we came knocking at her door looking for her older sister Ruth, who was not home, she decided to let us in anyway and listen to what we have to say. She from the start has been very energetic and very active in her learning process. Although at the start there were some very respectful disagreements about doctrinal points she was very excited to invite us back. Well after her first lesson she had her experience which I shared a couple of weeks ago about finding the Book of Mormon in her house, and well she just continues to have experience after experience. This week while joking with a friend on two separate occasions she said "if I see a Mormon I know this is true" , once while scrolling through Facebook and another while walking to work, and of course immediately finishing the word Mormon she sees missionaries. She has had so many answers to her prayers and signs that at this point she is just asking for something a little simpler. This past week we went to visit her on Saturday, and she had talked with her pastor who has given her the advise to not allow us to visit and to especially not pray to know if the things we share are true. Well we kindly explained how prayer is just a conversation with our Heavenly Father and that he will never lead her down the wrong path. With tears in her eyes she expressed how she is scared because she knows what we teach is true and she knows that we are authorized representatives of Christ. She is scared because she knows now she has to make the changes that from the beginning she had promised to be willing to make. Well to make things even better yesterday we gave her a tour of the chapel here in Milagro. We did not even make it past the Sacrament room before her eyes started welling up with tears. With her heart practically beating out of her chest she expressed how she had dreamed the night before that she was in the chapel dancing for joy although really she had never before entered. She is so ready and knows that what we share about Christ and his church is true and now she just has to begin to take the difficult steps to change her life. To make it even better she shared with us that the night before we visited her for the first time she had been praying for God to put something in her path that would help her change her life for the better and that she was willing to do whatever it takes to make that change happen. Well I think it is a little hard to have more obvious answers to one's prayers then Diana has had these past 3 weeks. She has a lot of opposition to begin to make these changes in her life, but when we find the truth we will always have Christ by our side when we try to follow it. I just pray that she is able to stand up against the opposition she is going to find with some of her friends and she can continue down on this path that she has started to find the truth that will bless her life eternally. 

Well on a slightly less spiritual note this week I decided to shave my head because I was tired of having bad haircuts. I was thinking maybe it will help to start from scratch. Well I officially feel like I am 13 all over again hahahaha. In addition this week to celebrate Elder Maddock's and my birthdays we as a district all went to Chili's and ate some oh so missed "mexican food". Some other happenings this week include a new kitten that is continually trying to enter our room at all hours of the day. He has been given the name Elder Vassito. We are hoping he might soon help us with our mouse friend Remy as well. We also were able to visit the temple this week with our zone which is always an amazing experience. 
Well this was an amazing week in El Milagro and we have some really exciting things coming up here in the near future. 
Elder Vassau

p.s. Happiest of birthdays to my dearest brother Max Vassau who is officially turning 13 this year. WOW as of tomorrow our favorite little Max will be a big time teenager.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 33 - Brando Baptism!!!

Buenos Dias!

Yet another awesome week here in El Milagro. This week we had the baptism of our best bud and 14 year old neighbor, Brando Gallardo.  He is the cousin of our pensionista's kids and we met him a little over a month ago. He honestly wanted to get baptized after only 2 weeks but because of a few complications with him possibly moving away we had to post pone things until this weekend. He is so awesome and is going to grow up to be a great missionary one day. To make the service even better we invited our other neighbor, 16 year old Eduardo Castillo to perform the baptism and help out his new friend Brando.

It is really so much fun working with the young men here in El Milagro. It is not a huge group of boys who are active in the church but it so rewarding helping out the young men because not only can I see myself in them (I was there age not too long ago) but I also know how much the gospel can change their lives. I know how having fun activities always helped me while I was in young men’s so recently we have been working to try and have some fun activities for the young men members and friends in this area and on this subject... Young Men Missionary Movie night was born. On Friday, with 7 young men, about half members half friends, we all climbed into one tiny public van and went to the church to watch a short video of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to have a short lesson. It was so cool to see these young guys share their beliefs with their friends, all the while enjoying themselves with a nice little movie. Well sure enough the first thing they asked afterwards was when we can do it again so it looks like Young Men Missionary Movie Night is going to be a regular thing in these coming weeks.

This past week Elder Nuñez and I went to the Plaza de Armas to pick up a package his mom sent him from Argentina, and sure enough it was filled with Mate (the name of an argentine herb/tea and the special cup/straw that you use to drink it) and it is fair to say now I am addicted to my new mate he gifted me.

Well this has been another great week here in El Milagro and I think we will see a few more baptisms this month before Elder Nuñez heads off home.

Until next week!

Elder Jack Vassau