Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 26 - The Carpenter and Shop Cleanup

Buenos Dias!

This week was another great week here in el Milagro. This week it is safe to say that I really learned part of the meaning "What would Jesus do". When Jesus was a young man growing up... he probably worked in Joseph's carpentry shop... which means every once in a while I am sure Joseph, as any earthly father would do, made Jesus clean the shop... and that is exactly what we did this week as a district service project, We cleaned up a carpentry shop. Exactly more or less maybe something that Jesus would have done when he was a young man working in Joseph's carpentry shop. Maybe. Ok, it is a little bit of a stretch but well it was a great service project. I forgot to take the before picture but just image about 2-3 feet worth of sawdust just about everywhere and piles and piles of unorganized wood, basically that is what we were dealing with. 

Well this week we have been planning our big noche blanca of baptisms for this coming week, but it looks like the investigators from our half of Milagro are not quite ready just yet so we are going to have to postpone it a little bit.  A little disappointing, but if it is not our Heavenly Father's will that they get baptized this week then it is not his will. God has a plan for every one of his children. He prepares many in their own time to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we all still have our agency to choose. Therefore we are still super excited here in Milagro that the Lord is still preparing these people and please keep them in your prayers. WOOOOOOH MISSIONARY WORK.  

On another note, Elder Maddocks and I are still doing our English classes every Saturday night and they are so much fun. So far we have covered going to the grocery store, body parts,emotions, and many other themes. This week we taught how to give basic directions such as "go straight" or "turn right" followed by a game where participants had to guide their blindfolded companion through a very basic obstacle course. It was a ton of fun but the game was almost a complete disaster with no one being able to give directions but oh well. I guess one should blame the teachers not the students. In this case I think failure to be able to follow directions was probably because of poor teaching  but on occasions it is due to the fact that the students are not listening to their teacher. When students do not listen to a teacher they get lost because they do not know what to do... basically they missed the directions. Well in life we as heavenly father's children have the same problem. When we do not listen to the guidance of our Heavenly father through the Holy Ghost, scriptures, and latter day church leaders, it is as if we are not paying attention in class, and when we do not pay attention in class is when we get lost. We need to always pay attention to the direction and instruction of our heavenly father so that we can always know exactly what to and if we do that and follow his instructions we will never be spiritually lost. 

This week we also had our La Esperanza stake conference so it was lots of fun seeing my friends from Jordan and some of my converts including Jerrado who is still doing fantastic. 
Well this is going to be another great week here in el Milagro and until next time. 


Elder Vassau

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