Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 9 – Good-bye to Elder Barboza – Hola to Elder Argulo de Leon from Bolivia!

Week 9 – Good-bye to Elder Barboza – Hola to Elder Argulo de Leon from Bolivia!

Well this is it, after only 6 weeks with Elder Barboza he is leaving for Chacope to finish training a friend of mine named Elder Guitierrez and I am going to receive a new companion here named Argulo de Leon, a Bolivian, to finish my last 6 weeks of training. Elder Barboza has been in this part of Esperanza for 9 months so I think it is about time for him to see another part of Trujillo hahahahaha, but it will be a little strange having someone else finish my training here in Jordan. Elder Barboza knew all the ins and outs of this area and I can only pray that I remember all the places and people here.

This week was another great week here in Esperanza. We had a multi zone conference which was lots of fun (see the picture attached). I got the chance to meet missionaries from other parts of Trujillo that I had never met before. It was awesome.

This week the weather was a little strange here. It actually rained... and there was wind... Everyone was freaking out hahahahahaha. But with the strange weather also comes opportunities to serve the people here... and fix their roofs. Having plastic sheets held down by bricks is only a problem for the people here when there is rain and wind hahahahaha. So we climbed up on a few roofs this week.

This week we have been teaching a 20 year old college student named Sandra. She and her friend Miguel are really fun to teach. They are both super curious and love to ask strange questions. Including about extra-terrestrials and topics like that. It is really fun teaching them how there is room for both science and God in their lives. People here think the two things are enemies where in reality they work hand in hand.

This week we also had a great lesson with Hermana Lisette.  She is always super busy with her kids but we decided to teach her about the importance of reading the scriptures this week. In our lives we are always busy and reading the scriptures and prayer often feels like something we do not have time for. However it is so important to remember when we take 5 minutes out of our day to read and pray a little, the focus of our day completely changes and we recognize God´s hand in everything we do. It is awesome. I mean as missionaries we have hours each day to see read and recognize these things but I truly know that reading and praying everyday will really change our outlook of everything in our day to day life.

Well that is all this week. All is well and my new companion arrives tomorrow.

Bye for now,

Elder Jack Vassau

P.S. Happy Birthday to Kjerstin Scanlan this week!!!

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