Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 12 - Jerardo gets Baptized!

Buenos Dias,

This was another awesome week here in Jordan. This week I had my first baptismal service for our friend Jerardo Mendez. Jerardo is only 11 years old but the kid is such a good example of faith. It was very special to have the privilege to baptise and confirm such a dedicated young man who already has the goal to serve a mission in Seattle. Hahaha I may have helped him with the location but he always says he wants to serve a mission in the United States. He is so awesome and is already doing missionary work within his own family by holding family home evenings and scripture study... It is pretty darn inspirational. 

This week we have also been working with the family Chamaya.  They are great and love to have us over to teach and gather as a family. They are some serious characters. The dad, Luis, is a big goofball whereas the Mom is a little more serious when it comes to religion for her kids. They have 4 kids ranging from 17 to 1 and everyone is always present and excited when we come over to visit. We were teaching them about the Book of Mormon the other day and as I was holding the book in my hands I realized how happy and proud I was to be sharing this book with those who had never seen it before. It is truly an amazing testament of Jesus Christ, and really shows how God has love for all his children. Anyone out there who does not know what the Book of Mormon is, it is a compilation of scriptures that we have and use side by side with the Bible that is written by Prophets here in the Americas. It is truly awesome and anyone who wants to find out more just ask some missionaries for a copy and they would be glad to give one for free. I am so grateful to be a missionary here in Peru sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon with all who are willing to listen. 

Until next week,

Elder Jack Vassau

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