Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 13 - Rusber and Eternal Families

Holla Amigos!

This was yet another great week here in Jordan. The weather has started to change a bit. Cloudy, humid, and a light rain most afternoons now but who knows for how long. Everyone says the weather this year is much more extreme than in years past but yet again who really knows. This was an exciting week in this area with some great new investigators. In reality I am super excited for some of these people. One of them is named Rusber Flores who is a 24 year old graphic design student. When I say student what I really mean to say is student, father of 2, husband, and full time security guard. This guy works all night, studies in the morning, and spends the afternoons with his kids. He barely sleeps. To make his life a little more complicated he has an illness that no doctor has been able to fully diagnose where basically he cannot lay down or eat certain types of food or he has incredible pains all throughout his body. Now that is a tough situation. We talked to him a bit about his situation and told us how in these past two years he has really realized his purpose here, that money is of no importance and that what really matters most is his family. He also was telling us that over the past couple of years in his various surgeries his only companion has been prayer and God and that now he really wants to learn about what Gods plan is for him in this life. This guy has a pretty difficult situation he has been delt, but he is making the best of it and is using his challenges to get closer to God and his family. We shared with him a bit about Gods plan for us in this life. The plan that he has for every single one of us, that if we choose to follow, we will be happy in this life and will be able to live with our families for eternity. It is truly a marvelous plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has for us. 

Another exciting new investigator this week was a man named Rafael Maco. He is a painter and lives by himself, and to say the least in his life he has had his fair share of liquor. That changed though about a month ago when he promised his niece who is terminally ill that he would stop drinking for her, and that was over a month ago. In this time he has also been trying to grow closer to his Heavenly Father and that is where some of his neighbors and his brother came into the picture and introduced him to us. He is awesome and has an incredible desire to change his life and to follow the perfect example of Jesus Christ. His friends gifted him practically a library worth of church books, magazines, and scriptures that he reads every morning for over an hour. It is so exciting to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is really for everyone, and anyone who has the desire, in reality, can change their life to find peace and happiness. 

This week we have the baptism of Hermana Zoila. She had a baptismal date in January but it fell through because her family is really hard on her about her decision. Please pray for her this week that her family will be able to respect her decision and her testimony and that everything will go smoothly. 

Well that is all for this week in Jordan, La Esperanza. All is great here in Peru!


Elder Vassau

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