Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 23 - Snakes, Family Home Evening, Paolo & Frank


This was another awesome week here in El Milagro! This week we have had the wonderful opportunity to help two of our young investigators, Paolo and Frank, prepare for their baptisms which are scheduled for this coming Saturday May 27th. As part of their preparation for baptism we needed to teach them about some of God's commandments. In order to teach them both these commandments before their baptisms we decided to host a little family home evening in one of the young men's house in our ward. A family home evening is a small event where you share a message, play games, eat food, and sing a little. Basically it is a normal lesson for us plus food and a game but always when we say family home evening everyone is a little more excited. Well we hosted this family home evening in our neighbor Eduardo's house, and of course Elder Bedregal had prepared some of his famous cookies just for the occasion. We invited some of the young men from the ward here in El Milagro and a bunch of our young neighbors came as well. We ended up having about a group of 10 or so young men ages 12 to 15, members and non-members, in this house for our little get together and it was so much fun. We sang a little, did introductions (sharing favorite super heroes of course), played a short little game, and we then taught them about some of God's commandments including the word of wisdom (No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, coffee, or tea), tithing (giving 10 percent of your income to God) and the most fun of all for 13 year old boys the law of Chastity (no sexual relations before marriage ). To be honest it was a blast. You would think that teaching some rather complicated and not always fun commandments to young teenagers would be a little awkward or boring for them, but noooooooo, it was lots of fun. These commandments bless our lives in ways that many do not understand at first. We just have to remember that pretty much God always knows what is best for us sooooooo if we follow his guidelines we will be doing alright just about all the time.

This week we also had a great time teaching one of our new investigators Hermana Rosabel. She is a referral from our Pension Hna. Lila and she is awesome. She has a pretty tough family situation and has been attending a church for a few years now but she just has not been feeling a close connection to her Father in Heaven so she invited us and Hna. Lila to come over and to begin teaching her. She was super excited to learn about everything we taught her regarding how the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless her life. It was awesome. The best part was when, like always, we invited her to pray and ask God if the things we taught were true. She gladly accepted and followed up with the question "Sooooooo, do you guys think a 2 hour long prayer is sufficient to get an answer?". We followed up by trying to explain that she does not have to pray for two hours to get her answer, so of course she followed up by asking "Sooooo an hour is sufficient... wait no... 20 minutes... no probably 30.... yeah definetly 30". We clearly were not explaining prayer very well to her. We went on to explain that prayer is literally a two way conversation with our heavenly father. You can talk to him and share your needs and gratitude with him for as long or as brief as you want, and he will always answer your prayer in one way or another. Sometimes through small feelings or thoughts or every once in a while something a little more obvious. Rosabel previously had been taught to pray by singing and yelling for 2 plus hours at a time so we tried to help her understand that prayer is something simple. Anybody at anytime can pray for any reason. Our Heavenly Father wants to listen to us and wants to help guide us in this life here. I think after a little more explaining she began to understand and she is now preparing to get baptised! Pretty exciting stuff. Prayer is an awesome privilege that we have hear that sometimes we just have to be humble enough to take advantage of.

In other news, the nights here are starting to get a little chilly (mid to upper 60s BRRRRRRRrrrrr......) so I have started whipping out some sweaters at night. Every once in a while I whip out the infamous 1 dollar green llama sweater as well. I just know that it helps invite the spirt to all those we teach. HAHAHAHAHAAH.

Well this was another great week here in El Milagro and I am sure great things are going to be happening this coming week as well.

Elder Vassau

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