Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 24 - Franklin Villa Baptism & A Dream

Happy Memorial Day!

Franklin at his Baptism!!!

The Peruvian "workhorse"
Look what is in the window - Chickens
A funeral with people carrying the casket to a Church

Well this has been another fantastic week here in El Milagro. This week we had the grand privilege of helping Franklin Villa get baptised. We had a nice baptismal service for him this Saturday with a few members and some of his friends from the ward. He is awesome and so much fun. Being the mean people that we are we had him convinced that in order to be baptised he would have to hold his breath for 5 minutes under the water 😏😰 It was pretty funny when he realized it took about a whole 2 seconds to be immersed in the water. To get back at me for our little prank, as I was saying his name to perform the ordinance he tried to distract me by saying his name at the same time and correcting me. Well sure enough I got a little distracted and had to repeat his full name about 5 times... 😁. It was a pretty funny situation but atleast I was glad that he was excited and was enjoying his baptism and covenant he was making with our Heavenly Father.

This week we have also been teaching the sister of Gloria Rodriguez named Yolanda. She lives with Gloria and she has had so many missionaries in her life and in her house but because of her work she was never previously able to listen to the missionaries or attend church. Well that all changed this week because she recently changed work, began listening to us, and attended church for the first time yesterday! It is awesome. She also accepted a baptismal date and shared with us a dream she had. Her sister is a member of the church and her father was also before he passed away. She recently had a dream where she was talking with her father and he said, "Well Yolanda... your sister and I are baptized now but I am still waiting for you".To be completely honest I am not a big believer in dreams because most of the time they are pretty random, but for Yolanda this was an  obvious answer that she should be baptised so that she can enjoy the blessings of eternity with her family forever after this life. It truly is a wonderful privilege and opportunity we have here to live with our families for eternity.

Well this has been an awesome week here in El Milagro. Shoutout to my little brother Stewart and the Mercer Island lacrosse team for making it to the state championship. Next year you will get it. Also shoutout to Tucker and Caitlin who are going to get married in just about 12 days... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Until next week.


Elder Vassau

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