Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 5 - Walking, Talking & Teaching

Another great week here in Esperanza! Spanish is coming along nicely and I can speak pretty fluently with most people now, but I have found out I have a problem with older people. Most of our investigators I can communicate pretty well with, but a few of the older ones I can not understand a thing they say. It seems they like to talk a lot more and in a way that I am not used to, so I find myself just sitting and listening for 20 minutes and only making out a few words... but It is still great, that is what a companion is for. 

This week we taught so many lessons, and if everything continues to go well, my first convert baptism will be this week. Hermana Zoila! We had a few dissapointments this week with baptisms falling through, but everything is still going well. I do not think I have every been this tired in my life... walking all day everyday in the peruvian heat... but the people are so nice, almost everyone we talk to invites us over for a bit to talk about God and our message. 

This past week I had to chance to actually see down town Trujillo which was a bit of a change from the area I am currently in. The first week I was basically just dropped in my area without much info about where I was... it was a little disorienting... but I think I have got a grip on our area and where we are now. 

Our host family is the best. We live with Jeffrey (16), his mom, a cenial blind dog, and Jeffreys abuelo who cooks all our meals. The food is incredible and they feed the elders so well. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 9. All three meals... humongous... it is awesome. 
Spiritual thought for the week-- Alma 37: 6-7-- The little things make a huge difference in our lives both spiritually and temperally so make sure to be diligent in everything you do. 

Hasta La Vista,

Elder Jack Vassau

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