Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 6 - Teaching and Baptizing (almost)

(The view from my apartment window)

Another great week her in Jordan! The weather is really starting to get hot but our proselyting always continues. This week was a little dissapointing that we had two baptisms fall through. Both of our investigators have testimonies and read the Book of Mormon everynight, but there families all belong to other churchs and they are scared what might happen. Here in Peru there is a ridiculous number of churches, and they all have very different teachings... It kind of reminds me of when Joseph Smith was a kid. In some ways the number of  churches is helpful though because the people are really religous here, which means they are always willing to talk for a few minutes about God and Jesus Christ, whether they want to hear about our church or not is a slightly different story. 

This week we had a "lesson" with an Hermana Angelita who is a devout Eventista (type of church here in Peru). Every time we come over she is already readying various books about the Holy spirit and the bible. Its great and she insists we sing for her before we pray. The first time was a little awkward because I do not know any hymns in spanish but after a few visits we have got it figured out. She really does not let us talk much but we just read the bible with her and share our thoughts. Who knows maybe one day she might listen a little more :)

Last monday we had a fun pizza party with our district. Papa Johns Pizza! it was awesome. 
My favorite moment from this week was during our lesson with Hermana Genoviva. She is great and everytime we go visit her we get to take a look at her guinea pig pen... still getting used to the idea of eating this little guys. This week we began teaching her the plan of salvation and how families can live together forever. She has a son who has some mental and physical disabilities named Jesus. He is the coolest little guy, and this week she shared a story with us about how it is a miracle that he is alive at all and because this she named him Jesus so that she would always remember who to thank for his life. It was a really spiritual lesson and she is really curious to learn more.

This past sunday I gave my first talk in spanish. I think it went well but who knows if everyone understood me or not hahahahaha. I talked a bit about how one of my favorite scriptures mathew 17:20 relates to missionary work and how if we have faith a mustard seed, we will grow and share the gospel with the world. 

This was another great week here in Jordan and I am excited for the week to come!

Elder Vassau

NOTE: details on fotos:

1. xmas party (will send more at later days)
2. Jeffrey (host family son 17 years old)
3. My room
4. Papa Johns Pizza party with district
5. Elder Lavado- Elder Fernandez - Elder Barboza during companion exchange

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