Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 32 - Elder Nunez from Argentina, Diana the Teacher, A boy named Brando

Buenos Dias!!

Well this has been an absolutely awesome week here in El Milagro. This past Monday I said my goodbye to Elder Bedregal after 3 transfers together and have now sent him off in the hands of another really good friend of mine from my group Elder Peterson. I am now currently with Elder Nunez who is just awesome. He is 23 and from Merlo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is awesome. He loves Rock music (we love all the same bands although we cannot listen to them right now) and studied Advertisement and Photography before his mission and has plans to study anthropology after his mission. He also loves to Juggle, spent the past 5 transfers in the mission office, and finishes his mission this transfer. Well to say the least we have had a great week. 

One particularly special lesson we had this week was with a 25 year old kindergarten teacher named Diana. We found Diana while we were actually trying to contact her older sister Ruth who missionaries had been teaching a couple years back but sure enough I do not think it was a coincidence that we found Diana. Elder Bedregal and I taught her just once about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she understood it perfectly. She understood that Jesus taught and established his church while he was here on the earth and that this same church, exactly as he organized it, we have in these latter days. As proof of this message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ we have something called the Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ. Well just like we do with many investigators who want to know if these things are true or not we invite them to read and pray to see if the Book of Mormon is truly a testament of Jesus Christ, and therefore with it, if in these days we have the authority and organization of the church of Jesus Christ. We invited her to pray but our luck we had just gifted our only Book of Mormons and so we could not give her one at that time. Well sure enough in the days following our visit with her she prayed and asked if these things were true she received an answer. Although she did feel the spirit while praying, she did not recognize her answer until moments after her prayer when she went out back to feed her dogs. She went out back to the storage shed and crouched down to give her dogs some food. As she stood back up there it was, sitting on the corner of the table right in front of her, an old copy of the Book of Mormon! I suppose missionaries had given it to her sisters years ago but how just in these moments it was all alone on the corner of the table right in front of her, unopened in years, only God knows. Sure enough she picked up the book and began to read, and after a quick visit with her this week she, with tears in her eyes, promised that when she knows that this book that God has put in her path is true, she will change her life and get baptized.  She was so excited about what God had put in her path that she even offered us a wonderful lunch afterwards which we had to regretfully decline. God clearly had a plan for Diana and it is just testament that when we ask with faith and with real intent we can see miracles, whether they big and obvious, or small and simple feelings, God will help us to find the truth. Milagro is awesome.

Well looks like Brando is going to get baptized this coming week here in El Milagro and there are a lot of truly amazing things happening in this area. This has been a truly amazing and miraculous week with Elder Nunez. We are seeing the growth of seeds planted in these past transfers and now with new invigorated energy and ideas I am sure the best is still yet to come.
Elder Vassau

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