Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 31 - A New Companion from Argentina!!!

Buenas Tardes!!!!n!!!!

This week is transfers... and there are a lot of transfers. It looks like I am going to be in Milagro for quite some time because Elder Bedregal today got transferred to Porvenir with a friend from my group, Elder Peterson, and today at 6 we are going to go pick up my companion Elder Nuñez. He is from Argentina and has just one transfer remaining in his mission. For the past 7.5 months (since I arrived in the mission) he has been the President´s assistant and now for his final transfer he will be with me here in El Milagro. It is going to be awesome. About the other missionaries here in El Milagro, Elder Maddock´s companion, Elder Zavalaga, finished his mission and he is now going to be training a brand new companion that we will meet tomorrow. Lots of changes throughout the mission and here in Milagro but I am super excited to get to work with Elder Nuñez. 

This week was our ward conference and so we had a lot of special activities this week including a talent show where missionaries of Milagro put on a little skit about the life of a missionary. It was pretty hilarious stuff. 

Sadly we were not able to have our baptism this week, because of some complications with Brando maybe moving to live with his mom but we did get to go to the Temple. As a ward, and with the other missionaries we attended the temple because some of our recent converts were attending the temple for the first time, so we too got to come along in the bus. It was awesome to visit the temple and show Franklin around for his first time and share that spiritual experience with him. 

This week we have been teaching a young lady named Alejandra who just accepted a baptismal invitation. We found Alejandra about 3 weeks ago when she attended church to make sure her grandma was safe. We introduced ourselves to her and chatted for a little, then she asked ´´sooooooo what is the purpose of this church´´. It seemed like a strange question at first but the more we thought about it the more we realized it was a valid question. Well while we thought of an answer during the week we realized the purpose of church is to prepare us and help us follow Jesus Christ so that one day when we are in front of our Heavenly Father we can be proud of the way we lived our lives. Going to church helps us not only learn about our Savior and remember why he is important but it also helps us to change our habits and change ourselves to follow his example. It is pretty awesome stuff. 

Well this was another great week here in El Milagro and this will be a great new week with my new companero who we are going to pick up tonight. 

Best Wishes!

Elder Jack Vassau

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