Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 30 - Preparing to say goodbye to several other Missionaries

Buenos Dias!!

This was another great week here in El Milagro. Last week we worked really hard to try and find lots of new investigators and to contact new people using the guidance of the spirit. We accomplished a goal of 20 new investigators and this week we have been working really hard to follow up with a lot of these investigators to see which of them the Lord has prepared to learn about and progress in his Gospel. Sure enough we have found a couple great investigators/referrals that the Lord has prepared. One of which is Brando Gallardo. He is the cousin of our pensionista's son and was a referral that we contacted last week. Brando is 14 and to say the least our Heavenly Father has been preparing this young man for quite some time to receive the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was so excited to learn about the Gospel and to accept the baptismal invitation for this coming Saturday. He began attending church and all church activities on his own after only one visit - Some serious desire to learn about his Heavenly Father and follow the example of Jesus Christ!    We have been teaching him just about every day in his uncle's carpentry shop and it turns out he has a stepbrother on a mission in Colombia... someone who was in the CCM with me!!!! It is crazy. On top of that here in Milagro there is only one active young man in the Teachers quorum (young men ages 14-15) and they have been working hard and praying that they can find new members for the quorum or reactivate some inactive young men, and sure enough, Brando is of teacher's quorum age. He is so excited for his baptism this week and is a definite answer to many prayers here in Milagro. 

On the slightly more P-day note, today is our zone wide Peruvian Parrillada (more or less a barbeque). There are a lot of Elders who are finishing their missions this coming week and it will be a bittersweet goodbye for a lot of them . 

Well another great week here in El Milagro and chances are this coming week either Elder Bedregal or I will be moving on to a new area. We will just have to wait and see. 

Until next week,

Elder Jack Vassau

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